7 Perfect Gifts for Culinary School Freshmen

7 Perfect Gifts for Culinary School Freshmen | Chef Sac

They’re setting off to the exciting and challenging world of culinary arts! Wish them good luck with something they’d need and love. Here are 7 perfect gift ideas for cooking school freshmen.

7 Gifts Culinary Students Will Love

1. Chef’s Knife

Cooks and chefs spend many hours with their beloved knives. It’s not surprising at all that many culinarians form attachments to their most-used blades. Knives become extensions of their hands, a symbol of all the hard work they’ve put in in the kitchen.

You can splurge and get the best steel and brand in the market if you want to, but cheaper alternatives also work great. But as a general guide:

  • An 8” to 10” chef’s knife is a great starting point for freshmen.
  • Choose an attractive knife. It has to make an impression, aesthetically.
  • Go with stainless steel. They’re low maintenance.

If you’re superstitious, skip ahead to the next gift ideas. Gifting knives according to superstition “may sever” the relationship between the receiver and the giver. If you’re skeptical of such notions and thinks that they’re amazing gifts for beginners chefs, check out these recommendations:

2. Knife Sharpening Tools

Knife sharpening tools play an important role in “the circle of knives.” Horrible pun aside, it’s never a good idea to use a dull knife. That’s how accidents happen.

Sharpening tools are crucial in knife maintenance—chefs want to prolong the life of their blades and avoid cutting with dull knives.

From honing rod, whetstones, to manual and electric knife sharpeners you got plenty of options. Our recommendations? Check them out below!

3. Cutting Board

Ahhh, the mighty food-prep essential.

If you want to go the cutting board road, Boos chopping boards are a great way to go but they’re expensive.

You’d want to pick one that’s made of hardwood like hickory, oat, or walnut. Choose one that’s at least 2” thick. Thinner boards may warp easily when washed.

Bamboo cutting boards can work fine as well for beginners. Avoid glass boards as they’re harsh to knives.

You may want to throw a plastic cutting board for raw meats, too.

4. Knuckle Pounder

Now for a novelty gift! If your friend or family member loves to barbecue and work with meats, this brass-knuckle tenderizer can be an awesome gift!

5. Granite Mortar and Pestle

For those who appreciate the more traditional ways of cooking, a granite mortar and pestle might just be the right gift!

This chef-approved 6-in mortar and pestle by Gorilla Grip comes with thick granite walls and base. It can hold up to 2 cups of crushed herbs, spices, and more.

Made with 100% granite, it won’t absorb oils into the surfaces preserving flavors and making prep and clean up easy.

6. Exotic Spices, Extracts, and Seasonings

Chefs love their spices and natural flavorings. Gifting a newbie chef with some of the most coveted flavors in the world would make them love you twice as they did before.

Here are some ideas:

7. Chef Knife Backpack Set with Roll Bag by Chef Sac

This Chef Sac® set is designed for students and professionals with impressive sense of taste and style! Made to hold as many as 30 kitchen tools, gone will be the days of having to juggle which tools they can bring to school. Stylish, durable, and comfortable, this bag is designed by chefs for chefs. Check out what people are saying about our product here.


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