About Keith, Founder of Chef Sac

Fueled by a passion for genuine culinary artistry and a drive to revolutionize the way chefs carry their treasured tools, I recognized the void in the market for a chef knife bag designed authentically for the working chef. But my vision went beyond merely crafting a superior knife bag.

I believe in embracing life's varied experiences, both inside and outside the kitchen. Understanding that chefs lead diverse lives beyond their culinary pursuits, I wanted Chef Sac® not just to be the best knife bag, but a companion in every chapter of their journey — from professional kitchens to private catering sidelines, and every adventure in between.

Looking for a rich, passionate, and engaging conversation about blending culinary arts with life's broader tapestry? Invite me to your podcast and dive into the story behind Chef Sac® and the journey of modern chefs.

Keith Chiu, Founder

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It Starts With an Idea

Why FeatureChef Sac on Your Podcast:

Highlight Culinary Pride & Passion - share with your listeners how they're elevating the culinary profession and making chefs the rock stars of the kitchen.

A Fresh Take on Culinary Conversations - Dive deep into the stories behind Chef Sac, moving beyond standard culinary talks. Explore the passion, the innovation in knife bag design, and the essential discourse on mental health within the culinary community.

Strengthen Your Culinary Network: By featuring Chef Sac, you're not just adding another episode but connecting with a brand that resonates with chefs globally. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your podcast's culinary relevance and reach.


What WeLike to Talk About

Authentic Culinary Insights: With Chef Sac, you're not just interviewing a brand. You're delving into genuine stories from the heart of the culinary world.

Pioneers in Culinary Innovation: Chef Sac isn't just about knife bags; it's a revolution in how culinary professionals carry their pride. Dive into the thought process behind their groundbreaking designs.

More Than Just a Brand: Discover a narrative filled with passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to uplift the culinary community and address vital issues like mental health. This is Chef Sac, ready to share, inspire, and engage with your listeners.

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