1. Explore different cuisines, flavors, and techniques.

Make sure to diversify your skills. What you learn from a specific tradition can spark ideas and inspire innovation.

2. Invest in the right gear.

Your gear doesn't have to be the most expensive tools and equipment in the world, they just have to be functional and well-suited for your style.

The essentials are good knives and knife guards. A sturdy and sleek backpack to safely carry your blades from gig to gig can go a long way. (PS Chef Sac has a great selection of bags and knife guards. Check them out below).

3. Network!

Your network is your net worth, as they say. It’s true! Your opportunities expand as you expand your network.

You can join online movements or groups like our very own Chef Sac Culinary Maverick Facebook group to meet fellow chefs who love the culinary arts.

Look for a mentor or find a mentee. Either way, you’ll get to expand your network and knowledge at the same time.

4. Get yourself out there!

You have to get your name out there. Today, with the internet, there are a lot of ways you can do to reach a wider audience.

 You can start blogging, writing recipes, you can even start a YouTube channel and let the world see how great of a chef you are. By doing so you can establish your reputation and attract more clients and other opportunities as you go along your culinary journey.

5. Develop emotional resilience

We didn’t say it was gonna be easy. It most certainly won’t. That’s why you have to develop mental resilience and fortitude.

Challenges will come your way—difficult clients, workmates, crews, and even unexpected turns of events. These are things you cannot control. What you can is how you respond and how you move on.

Just don’t lose sight of your goals and remind yourself that it’s okay to make mistakes because that’s how you learn and grow as a culinarian.


"I only carried my 8” blade and my thermometer with me. After getting my Chef Sac I was able to carry my entire knife set, as well as other tools such as kitchen shears, spatula etc. It even has slots for my Permanent markers. Chef Sac was made with Chefs in mind. It’s given me piece of mind for the safety of my tools, as ease of transporting those tools. Must have!"

- Chef Graham Campbell, on Netflix Final Table, Youngest Michelin Star Chef in Ireland