Our Story

Welcome to Chef Sac®. Our motivation started with helping chefs carry and protect their precious working knives and tools. To all the chefs who have stuck by our side since day one - we thank you. To the next Culinary Maverick ready to experience the handle and feel of a #ChefSac, join us in a culinary revolution. We look forward to cooking together.

 Originally, we were inspired by one thing: the lack of a quality chef knife bag designed for (and by) a real working chef. So we set out to change what a chef bag could be and introduced a revolutionary knife bag that changed what a chef knife bag looks like, and where it can take you. Now we've extended the same philosophy to all chef products products.

As we’ve grown up, we’ve come to believe that our chef knife bags should be more than just a typical chef bag or chef roll. Because the truth is, as passionate as we all are about cooking and the culinary arts, we don’t spend every day isolated in the kitchen. There's more to life than knife skills and non-stop prepping. We know our fellow cooks and chefs have varied passions and pursuits outside of just cooking. We want our chef bag to be your favorite bag, not just your favorite knife bag.

Our hope is that your Chef Sac® carrier experiences the professional kitchen, the prep station, a walking path, the sideline of your private catering event, and wherever else your culinary journey takes you.

Keith Chiu, Founder

Function First, Commercial Durability and Timeless Design.
It Starts With an Idea

Designed With Chefs in Mind

Every Chef Sac product is made with function in mind. Each measurement, pocket, knife slot and angle selected was picked for optimal comfort and utility. We select the best features from luxury products and innovate the desired combinations into our goods.

Made to Last from the Toughest Kitchen to the Cottage Getaway

Built WithThe Best Materials

We have over 1,000 swatches of fabrics, metals and materials and obsess over durability and construction. We are meticulous about each element selected, ensuring our products have unrelenting reliability. Our chefs demand it. We oblige.

Dependable from Design to Kitchen

As ConsistentAs Michelin Star Chefs

Each Chef Sac product is finished with eight points of inspection. Whether our knives, knife guards or chef backpacks, we stand by our quality with a 30-day guarantee.