Chef Sac® Releases New Chef Bags Post-Lockdown

Chef Sac® Releases New Chef Bags Post-Lockdown | Chef Sac

With the gradual come back of the hospitality industry also comes Chef Sac’s newest line of chef’s knife bags to get every culinary maverick ready for the new normal.

Joining the club of stylish and unbelievably spacious knife bags are the Chef Sac ® Premium Backpack and the Chef Knife Convertible Bag.


Priced at $64.99, the Premium Backpack comes with a more minimalistic and straightforward design perfect for chefs and cooks on the go who want to sport a sleeker and less bumpy gear. A close cousin to the Vintage Backpack, it’s made with the Chef Sac trademark storage system and can hold up to 30 pieces of kitchen knives and tools so culinary mavericks don’t have to play favorites anymore. Crush those post-lockdown gigs wearing it in black or blue. Learn more about it here.

Coming next is the equally (if not more) awesome Chef Knife Convertible Bag. The first crossover of the 3-in-1 idea to the culinary market, this knife bag converts into a backpack, messenger bag, and shoulder sling bag. Inside it is a generous and secure space for more than 20 kitchen equipment. This $64.99 bag that comes in black and brown is suited for culinary professionals and students who love to shake their styles up while keeping their money-making tools safe and secure when on the go. Check it out here.

Now for the exciting part! To celebrate the release of these new products, Chef Sac ® is giving away exclusive Amazon discounts to customers who will join and participate in the Chef Sac Facebook Product Launch group. (Click the link to join.)


"A year after the successful launch of our first chef knife bag, our customers demanded a modern, sleek, and chic design. We obliged with the Premium Chef Knife Backpack. Additionally, rarely do modern chefs grow their career in a single kitchen. The 3-in-1 Convertible Chef Backpack was created for the multifaceted chef that is more than a single station," explained Keith Chiu, co-founder of Chef Sac. 

Chef Sac® is a brainchild of a group of back of the kitchen crew who wanted to create products that chefs and cooks really need. This 1-year old enterprise has already sold over 10,000 bags worldwide and the owner’s Culinary Maverick movement is continually on the rise. 


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