Beginners’ Guide to 12 Essential Baking Tools

Beginners’ Guide to 12 Essential Baking Tools | Chef Sac

So you decided to learn how to bake… Let’s go over 12 essential tools you should have in your baking arsenal.

12 Must-Have Tools for Junior Bakers

1. Digital Scale

Proportions are everything in baking. One wrong measurement can mess up a batch of pastries.

For precise measurements, add a digital scale to your baking armada. Get one that can be set to grams and with a tare feature. This can come in handy when measuring ingredients on top of a previous one. We can only take so much math when baking, right?

2. (Liquid and Dry) Measuring Cups and Spoons

Next to a digital scale, your most important tools for precision are measuring cups and spoons.

Get a spouted glass measuring cup and one with a 2-cup capacity for liquid ingredients and a set of metal cups with 1 to ¼ cup capacities for dry ingredients.

For measuring spoons, standard sets come with a tablespoon, teaspoon, and half to quarter teaspoon.

3. Whisk

Eggs are a staple ingredient in baking. Beating multiple eggs for a big batch of pastry isn’t a job made for a fork. Use a whisk, your hands will thank you.

Aside from mixing ingredients, a whisk can aerate liquid ingredients to make them frothy and fluffy.

4. Mixing Bowls

From mixing dry and liquid ingredients to creating glazes and fillings, mixing bowls are essential in baking.

You’ll need a couple of stainless steel bowls with 4-5 quart capacity and at least one glass mixing bowl of the same size.

There are other materials you can choose from but the two previously mentioned are the most commonly used. With aluminum bowls, for example, acidic goods can react to the metal and alter your project’s flavor

5. An Assortment of Baking Pans

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the number of new pans available in the market. The goal is to get your hands on a streamlined collection assortment of baking pans. Most baking projects will most likely need the following:

  1. Sheet/cookie pan
  2. Muffin pan
  3. Loaf pan
  4. Bundt pan
  5. 9” round cake pans
  6. Tube pan
  7. 9x13 baking pans
  8. 8” square baking pan
  9. Pie dishes
  10. Springform pan

6. Spatulas

Let’s start with a silicone spatula, AKA a scraper. Rubber spatulas will work just fine for scraping batters from mixing bowls but silicone ones, being heat resistant, are more versatile.

Next, you’ll also need an offset spatula, AKA a cake spatula. This is your ultimate tool when frosting cakes. They’re designed for applying icing and similar spreadable products on desserts.

7. Rolling Pin

Rolling pins are used to flatten and shape dough. You’ll “knead” it when making pastry crusts, biscuits, cookies, and a lot more.

Roller type rolling pins are great for beginners. They are easier to use than rod rolling pins.

For a durable, long-lasting rolling pin, choose one that’s made from walnut or cherry.

8. Pastry Brush

Sooner or later, you’ll realize how annoying and frustrating it is when things stick while when your baking. Greasing pans before pouring your batter can save you from that headache.

Aside from that, pastry brush can also be used to coat dough with egg wash or butter.

9. Dough Scraper

Simple as it might seem, this piece of square stainless steel helps in lifting, dividing and portioning sticky bread doughs. Even with generous flouring, your dough might stick to your work surface making it hard to lift the mixture.

10. Pastry and Cookie Cutters

Junior bakers can start with a set of plain round cutters and fluted cutters. You can always shop for specialty and seasonal shapes when the occasion calls for it. Standard cutters are great for making cookies, biscuits, and even ravioli and empanadas.

11. Hand Mixer/Stand Mixer

Some baking prep calls for heavier-duty whisking. You can go all-out and get a stand mixer but a good old hand mixer can work on most baking jobs.

12. Case Bag for your Tools

Whether for baking school or for your baking gigs, a case bag to easily and securely transport your tools is a must-have. It has to be comfortable, expertly crafted, and generous in space. Check out our selection of bags for chefs and bakers for a design that suits your style. 

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