Kitchen Essentials For Camping

Kitchen Essentials For Camping | Chef Sac

If you are a chef who enjoys camping, knowing what you need to bring to cook food out in the wild can be a big decision. Will there be a grill at the campsite? Should I try to keep everything compact into one bag? Just what kitchen essentials should I bring along?

In order to get the best out of your camping experience, you’ll want to bring along the best kitchen tools. To help you out, here is a list of the best essential kitchen tools you should take camping.

Pots and Pans Oh My!

Unfortunately, one of the most essential kitchen items to have while camping is also one of the bulkiest items. Having a pot and a pan while out camping is the best and most convenient way to cook any food that isn’t hot dogs or smores.

What To Look For:

Choose a decent size. This goes for both your pot and pan. You’ll want to be able to at least cook yourself a full meal.

Find a set made of good material. Even with the added bulk, going with solid metal for your pot and pan set is your best option. Most sets are made out of aluminum making them durable against the elements as well as easy to clean.

Make sure it fits your storage capabilities. If you can find a set that easily stores together, such as pans doubling as the lids of the pots, that is the way to go.

Don’t stress about the price. There are some really nice pot and pan sets out there for all types of campers, but don’t feel like you have to go with the option that breaks the bank. There are also some really great reasonably priced options as well.

The G4Free set is a really good option if you are looking at both price and quality. It is on the more economical side and will be reliable when you need to cook in the wilderness.

A Tong, A Spatula, and A Spoon

Next to having a pot a pan you’ll also need a tool to cook the food with. That is where having a good spatula or set of tongs will come in handy.

What To Look For:

Which one to choose. Ideally, you would find a multipurpose tool that would contain both. It may seem far fetched, but they do exist. If you really want a multi-purpose tool you can also find one that includes a spoon as well. You’ll be able to use each piece individually when needed.

Know what it’s made of. When it comes to cooking you’ll want a tool that can withstand the heat. Using a metal like stainless steel or titanium is preferred, just make sure that you can protect your hands from heat while using your tool.

Check the size. You have the option of smaller, stubbier sized tong set, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will take up less space in your bag. For size purposes, it might be best to go with a normal-sized set and pack it away in a pocket that allows storing vertically.

The Splitter titanium tongs, spork, and spatula multi-tool is going to be one of the more fancy options available. It is made of titanium so you know that your tools will last. Plus, you get the bonus of actually having three tools in one.

Cups Can Be Useful

Cups may not be the first thing you think of when you start planning your camping trip, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t an important tool to have. They can offer more uses than just carrying liquids.

What To Look For:

A cup doesn’t need to be large. When out camping there is really no need to have a cup bigger than the standard 8oz. If you are needing something larger than that then I would suggest finding something like a canteen or bottle.

Pick a good material. When it comes to cups you don’t need to go super heavy duty. One of the better materials to use for cups is silicone. This will mean your cups can handle a range of temperatures and won’t harm you in the process.

Make sure they are compact. Another added bonus to silicone cups is that most come with a collapsible feature. Once you are done using your cup it is nice to simply clean and then collapses it down to a size that will easily fit into any bag you have.

The TeaMaX silicone cup comes with a lid that is attached to the cup so you don’t have to worry about losing it. It also collapses down to the small size of 0.5 inches, making it extremely easy to pack. While it may seem a little pricy when compared to other options it is still a good value.

Fork, Knife, and Spoon Swiss Army Tool

Now that we have the tools that cook the food you’ll need some tools to eat the food with. Making sure you back at least one fork, knife, or spoon will guarantee that you aren’t struggling to eat your food later at your campsite.

What To Look For:

Why not bring all three? While you have the option of only bringing one fork, knife, or spoon along on your camping adventure this is another instance where a multi-tool can be useful. You can find a multi utensil tool that is made much like a Swiss army knife. This will allow you to use whichever utensils you want.

You don’t really need a super fancy one. There’s no need to go the fancy route with this tool. Not only are there plenty of economical options to choose from, going for a more reasonably priced option will allow you not to worry about any potential damage or loss that may befall this tool.

Will it fit in your bag? The answer is most likely yes unless you purchased an unusually large tool. The idea of the Swiss army knife design is to have the tools close into one compact shape which allows you to easily store it wherever you’d like in your bag.

Coleman’s Camper Utensil Set is a nice multi-tool flatware set at a reasonable price. It includes a folding knife, fork, spoon, and bottle opener.

Utensil Roll For Families

If you plan on camping with a group perhaps a utensil roll is a better option to bring along your forks, spoons, and knives for eating.

What To Look For:

Make sure it is actually a utensil roll. Similar to your knife roll, it will have pockets on the inside where you will store your family-sized set of utensils. Once they are packed it should roll up for easy storage.

Finding good material. You’ll want to be sure that the material for your utensil roll is just as durable as that of your knife roll. Polyester or nylon are good choices and will ensure that your utensil roll will last against harsher elements outdoors.

This thirteen piece family utensil roll can hold four of each piece of flatware. It even comes with its own set of knives, spoons, and forks so you don’t have to purchase them separately.

Carry it All in a Chef’s Bag

Finally, the camping necessity that can carry all your cooking essentials while out in the wilderness, your chef bag.

What To Look For:

Finding a bag big enough. If you plan on bringing a chef’s bag on your camping trip you should make sure it is big enough to carry all the cooking tools you are bringing with you. A knife roll may be too small, but a messenger bag or backpack will be able to bring most if not all of your kitchen essentials.

Make sure it’s durable. The best material for your chef’s bag that you plan on taking camping is either polyester or nylon. Either of these materials will work. Much like your utensil roll, it will keep your bag from damaging easily and will be harder to stain.

The Chef Sac Chef Knife Sling Bag is a one of the best chef’s bags to take camping. Made out of durable ballistic nylon canvas it can withstand any camping adventure you are planning.

So whether or not you are camping for one or many these are the cooking essentials you should seriously consider taking along with you on your camping trip.


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