Utensil Rolls: The Chef's Bag Companion

Utensil Rolls: The Chef's Bag Companion | Chef Sac

It is hard to imagine ever needing more than what a reliable chef’s bag can provide. If you have done your research, you more than likely have found a bag that fits your needs. So why then would you need something like a utensil roll?

While a utensil roll may seem like a smaller version of a knife roll, you might find that this companion to your chef’s bag may be the answer to keeping your chef’s bag more organized. A good utensil roll is a perfect place to store smaller kitchen tools that may well become lost if your chef’s bag is on the bigger side.

They can also be useful if you have a smaller chef’s bag or knife roll as it can provide further storage for items you need in the kitchen. These kinds of tools can range from a cutlery set as well as smaller kitchen items such as a thermometer, vegetable peelers, measuring spoons, etc.

It shouldn’t be surprising then that much like a chef’s bag, you have to find out what kind of utensil bag will best suit your chef’s bag. Some things you should keep an eye on when shopping around for a utensil roll are:

  • The Material
  • The Size
  • The Price

Since there aren’t many variations of the utensil roll design here are a few options we think you should give consideration to add to your chef’s bag.

Coleman 12-Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set


Material: Nylon

Size: 12 piece

Price: $13.99

A common thing you will find when looking for a good utensil roll is that most are marketed for camping. It is no doubt a great option for the wilderness seeker in order to have a way to eat your food. However, it can still be a vital companion in a kitchen.

The Coleman 12-Piece set is a great place to start when looking for a utensil roll. The roll itself is made of nylon. This is one of the better materials for any bag or roll you intend to use in the kitchen. Nylon is durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.

Since this set is marketed more so for camping, it already comes with a flatware set. It holds four knives, spoons, and forks. The only downside is that the pockets are specifically made for this set and therefore can become an issue if you want to store other tools in the utensil roll.

This set will roll up neat and compact fitting into most chef’s bags. It is a good inexpensive option if you are wanting separate storage, specifically for flatware.

Hagerty 6-Piece Place Setting Roll




Material: Silversmith’s Cloth

Size: 6-Piece

Price: $10.42

Sticking with the simpler side of things, the Hagerty 6-Piece Set is perfect if you are only looking at carrying one flatware set. Most Chefs only need one set in the kitchen. Usually for testing food or carrying a favorite sauce spoon.

The silversmith’s cloth is a different kind of material, primarily used to prevent the flatware from tarnishing while stored. This is a bonus, but also means that it won’t be as durable as other materials available to outside elements. A kitchen is full of grease and other residues that will be unavoidable. Something to consider when purchasing your utensil roll.

Again, the pockets on this set are more narrow but are deep for holding more elongated kitchen tools. This may allow you to store more varied tools should you need to. However, there are other options if what you need is more space for many different sizes and types of kitchen tools.

Bamboo Utensils Cutlery Set


Material: Canvas

Size: 6-Piece

Price: $9.99

This is another set that is more marketed toward those who enjoy camping, but this is a solid utensil roll to use in an everyday kitchen as well. Canvas is another durable material that will ensure that your utensil roll lasts. However, the canvas is not as stain-resistant as other material so just be aware of that if you purchase a canvas utensil roll.

While this utensil roll is on the smaller side, its pockets allow more versatility when storing different kitchen tools. From larger utensils to tools that peel, grate, or slice. It is a perfect for use in the kitchen for the chef that needs more than just the standard flatware set in their utensil roll.

Additionally, this utensil roll comes with its own set of flatware. All made from high-quality bamboo, it includes a spoon, knife, fork, chopsticks, and cleaning brushes.

Chef Sac Chef Knife Bag Folder Case


Material: 300D Polyester Canvas

Size: 6-Piece + Mesh Pocket

Price: $14.99

The Chef Sac Chef Knife Bag Folder Case is the closest utensil roll option to a knife roll. Designed to hold an entire knife set plus honing rod, it is a great companion to any chef’s bag you may own.

While there is one pocket that is specifically designed for a honing rod the rest of the pockets are wide enough to store other tools, not just knives if need be. Additionally, this utensil roll has an easy zipper design that allows you to quickly store away your tools and toss them into your chef’s bag.

The material of this Chef Sac utensil roll is a high-grade 300D polyester canvas that is super durable. It is able to withstand a kitchen environment and will last any chef’s kitchen routine for a very long time.

Whether you are a novice or expert chef, this utensil roll can handle the smallest knives or cooking toolset you need to get by in your kitchen.

Chef Sac Chef Knife Backpack Set With Roll Bag


Material: 600D Polyester Canvas PVC Coated (Water Repellant)

Size: Backpack 30+ - Piece, Additional Roll Bag 7+ - Piece

Price: $109.99

If you happen to still be on the fence about purchasing not only a utensil roll but a chef’s bag to go along with it you can always just buy both at once.

The Chef Sac Chef Knife Backpack Set with Roll Bag is the best of both worlds. Giving any chef a great, reliable chef’s bag and a utensil roll for added storage. In addition to being able to store an entire knife set with all the bells and whistles, the added roll bag allows you to carry your separate utensil set or other various kitchen tools with ease.

This chef’s bag and roll set are made of tough polyester canvas so you can be certain that it is durable no matter the kitchen you work out of. It is the ultimate lightweight versatile option for any chef looking for both a chef’s bag and utensil or knife roll all in one.

Ultimately the decision is left to you, the chef, and what you are comfortable transporting your kitchen tools in. Even your flatware. The best course is to find the utensil roll that is best suited to the chef’s bag you currently have or simply buying both together to ensure they match.

Just be sure that the material, size, and price all fit your preferences as well. Even a small utensil roll can have a huge impact on your ability to carry all the kitchen tools you need.

Whatever you decide, it is clear that having a reliable utensil roll along with your chef’s bag is never a bad decision.


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