New Year, New Gear! Which Chef Sac® Bag Should You Get This 2021? 

New Year, New Gear! Which Chef Sac® Bag Should You Get This 2021?  | Chef Sac

If you’re a chef planning on getting new gear this new year, you might have a slot for a knife bag on your list. After all, the quality of your tools is only as good as the place where you keep them. Fortunately, Chef Sac® Knife Bags are as good as they come.

Ultimately, the type of bag that you’d want to buy depends on your priorities. You can find all the factors you need to consider when choosing a knife bag type here, but for those of you who’ve already decided, these are the best offerings from Chef Sac®.

The Best Bags For Chefs and Culinary Students this 2021

1. Chef Knife Waxed Canvas Genuine Leather Roll Bag

If you’re just started out in the culinary game, whether as a student or a bit player at a restaurant, chances are you’ll only need to carry a few tools with you. In such cases, a simple knife roll bag will be enough. Chef Sac® offers a number of roll bags, but you might find the Chef Knife Waxed Canvas Genuine Leather Roll Bag the most appealing—and for good reason.

Beyond the classy, vintage aesthetic of its waxed canvas and leather exterior, this premium knife roll has an expansive capacity of 13 knife slots, 6 utensil slots, and 4 large pockets. But even with its large-yet-organized storage space, this roll bag weighs less than 2.5 lbs. To top it off, the waxed canvas material protects it from stains and abrasions that might occur in the workplace. 

Get it now for only $84.99.

2. Chef Knife Premium Backpack

We added the word “premium” in there for a reason.

With ample space for just about every kitchen tool you need--knives, ladles, utensils, etc--you’d think that Chef Sac® is going to ease up on other departments. But that’s simply not how we do it. 

Made from premium 600D water-repellant polyester, the Chef Knife Premium Backpack safely stores all your tools with elastic straps, deep pockets, and high-grade zippers. The bag also comes secured with a padded backing to ensure comfort and protection for the user, and a modern minimalist design to put the cherry on top.

All this, guaranteed for just $64.99.

3. Chef Knife Convertible Backpack

The thing about people’s relationship with bags is that every now and then we change our opinion as to what kind we like best. If you want to own as many bag types as possible without having to pay the price of more than one, this versatile bag is the thing for you.

The Chef Knife Convertible Backpack puts three kinds of knife bags into one solid product. You have the choice of a backpack, a messenger bag, and a shoulder bag without having to reorganize stuff inside. It’s made from durable 600D polyester canvas with PVC water-repellant coating and has the capacity to store 20 tools while taking less space on your kitchen top than a folding knife bag.

With combined factors of convertibility, capacity, and durability, the Chef Knife Convertible Backpack is a strong contender for the best knife bag to get this Christmas.

You can buy yours for $54.99 here.

4. Chef Knife Backpack Set w/ Roll Bag

This awesome deal has exactly in mind the culinary mavericks who consider high storage capacity above everything else.

As with most Chef Sac® products, this backpack + roll bag combo is made from the same premium water-repellant polyester canvas, as well as the same guarantee of durability and comfort. Boasting more than 40 slots for all your tools (30 in the backpack, 11 in the roll bag), this product ensures maximum convenience and accessibility while maintaining the same comfort and security every Chef Sac® knife bag promises.

Order yours with free shipping for $154.99.


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