We’re Saying Goodbye To Our Slinger Bag

We’re Saying Goodbye To Our Slinger Bag | Chef Sac

The year has been a big roller-coaster ride. 

With the pandemic hitting the restaurant industry hard, we were all forced to adapt and find ways to move on. As for Chef Sac, we continued focusing on our purpose: to serve our Culinary Mavericks by providing functional and stylish knife bags to chefs no matter how challenging the times are. 

We made use of the quarantine to brainstorm and bring new designs to life. This year, we introduced over 10 new bags to the public but we’re also saying goodbye to our very first design —the Chef Knife Slinger Bag. 

The release of the Chef Knife Slinger Bag marked the beginning of our goal to start a culinary revolution. We wanted to address the lack of a quality chef knife bag designed for (and by) a real working chef. So we set out to change what a chef bag could be and introduced a revolutionary knife bag—the Slinger Bag. Boy, did it change what a chef knife bag looks like, and where a chef-designed bag can take a culinary professional! We sold over 10,000 pieces of this bad boy over the course of two years. 

It’s a bittersweet moment, really. We’re sad, proud, and excited all at once. We’re a little sad that our very first baby is going to be officially shelved by the end of 2020, proud because we know our initial ideas and efforts to grow this brand have well paid off, and excited because we’ll start pushing our newest designs more in the coming year. 

It might just be a good old bag to most people, but to us at Chef Sac, the Slinger Bag is THE REAL OG! We’re phasing it out with a bang, just how it deserves to be so. We’re tucking it away as a 1st Edition Collectable and at the right time, it might be made available on a secret menu. 😉

Cheers to the the Chef Sac Slinger Knife Bag. Can we get a heard chef?



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