Chef Sac® Knife Roll Bag Vs. Messermeister Padded Knife Luggage

Chef Sac® Knife Roll Bag Vs. Messermeister Padded Knife Luggage | Chef Sac

Battle of the Roll Bag! We’ve put our very own Knife Roll Bag side-by-side the Messermeister Padded Knife Luggage.

Roll Bag Comparison: Chef Sac® Knife Roll Bag Vs. Messermeister Padded Knife Luggage At A Glance

Chef Sac Knife Roll Bag

Messermeister Padded Knife Luggage

Knife Slot 

8 with a cleaver slot (up to 17”)

8 (up to 18”)


600D polyester canvas 

600D nylon cloth 

Available Colors

5 (Black, Gray, Blue, Brown, Red)

8 (Black, Burgundy, Red, Pink, Olive, Teal, Navy, Gray)


8 knife slots with individual safety straps, mesh pockets for misc tools, 6 utensils slots,

8 knife slots with a zippered, full-cover, 4 business card pockets, 1 large pocket and 3 pencil/pen pockets

Exterior Dimensions

17.2 x 8.1 x 1.3 inches

20"L x 6"W x 1.5"D






While both can carry a maximum of 8 knives, the Chef Sac® Roll Bag comes with a handy cleaver slot for chefs and cooks with more demanding cutting jobs in the kitchen. 

The Messermeister Knife Luggage, on the other hand, beats the Chef Sac® Roll Bag by an inch in terms of the maximum blade size they can house. Up to 18” vs. up 17”.

Both bags also come with additional pockets inside, the Chef Sac® Roll bag focusing on the need for personalized tasting spoons and other miscellaneous items, the Messermeister on the other hand with administrative tasks with its pen pockets. 

Exterior and Interior

To accommodate the cleaver slot inside it, the Chef Sac® Roll Bag is taller than the Messermeister. The Messermeister is longer to accommodate up knives of up to 18”.

In terms of the fabric used, both boast of a fabric thickness of 600D. And while Chef Sac® is a polyester bag, Messermeister is made from nylon. 

Nylon is generally more expensive and quite stronger than polyester but this beast of a fabric is just as resistant to stretching, shrinking, and abrasion as nylon. 

Both feature a claspable strap that lets the user wear them as a shoulder bag if they desired. Messereister offers more color options with its 8 variations. Chef Sac® has 5 Roll Bag variants. 

These bags essentially has the same idea behind their interior layout. Knife slots and zippered mesh pockets in a foldable roll bag. What differentiates them is the manner of securing the knives they carry. 

While the Chef Sac® utilizes individual straps to keep the blades in place, Messermeister uses a zippered full cover. 


The Messemeister Knife Luggage is almost twice as much as the Chef Sac® Knife Bag. $49.95 vs. $24.99. This is most probably because of the material used for the bag. 

Final Words

The Chef Sac® Roll Bag is perfect for culinary mavericks looking for a straight forward and heavy-duty roll bag that can carry a big cleaver. 

The Messermeister Knife Luggage on the other hand is best for chefs and cooks with longer blades like sushi or sashimi knives. 

In terms of price, the Chef Sac® Roll Bag provides almost the same benefits (and more) as the Messermesiter Knife Luggage at half the price with just the fabric as the main difference.

Bottom line, with the positive feedback we’re getting on the longevity of our polyester Chef Sac® Roll Bag, it provides a better bang for your money with its price.


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