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The Best Knife Gifts | Chef Sac

If you have a chef in your life or just someone who likes to spend a lot of time in the kitchen then you may have considered at one point or another to buy him or her a knife for their collection. But what is the best knife for them? What would they use it for?

Buying any gift is never easy, but if you plan on gifting a knife or knife accessory to a chef then you should first learn what the best gift for them would be.

For the Every Chef

One thing you will quickly learn that when it comes to chefs and knives it’s never a bad idea to own a chef’s knife. Having a reliable chef’s knife in a kitchen is fundamental to any chef whether or not they are experienced or a novice.

Depending on the chef in your life here are some great chef knife options for you to consider.

BudgetVictorinox 8-inch Chef’s Knife

Victorinox is actually a great brand if you are looking for a quality knife without wanting to scare your wallet. The brand’s version of the chef’s knife fits this description perfectly, boasting an impressive customer rating with a reasonable price tag.

The Victorinox Chef’s Knife is a great gift for either the professional or cook at home chef. It manages to handle most tasks in any kitchen with ease and is made of durable stainless steel with a tapered edge.

It is easy to handle, balanced, razor-sharp, and dishwasher safe.

Mid-rangeMercer Culinary Genesis 8-inch Forged Chef’s Granton Edge Knife

Moving to a slightly more pricy option we have the Mercer Culinary Genesis Chef’s Knife. This knife also boasts excellent customer reviews and still manages to be reasonably priced for a slightly higher-end chef’s knife.

The Mercer Chef’s Knife is crafted of high carbon forged steel and has a tapered-ground edge. This allows for more stability, durability, and all-around better quality. Making it a great gift for the more serious chef.

High-endTojiro DP Gyutou 8.2-inch Chef’s Knife

If you are leaning towards something a little special for the more professional Chef then the Tojiro Chef’s Knife might be an excellent choice. Again, it has great customer reviews to back up it’s higher price tag as well as some impressive features.

The Tojiro Chef’s Knife has a core made of cobalt alloy steel and outer layers made of 13 chrome stainless steel. With straight edge design, it allows for either left or right-handed chefs to use it with ease. The brand also states that the blade is stain resistant.

This may not be the chef’s knife for just anybody but can prove to be quite an impressive gift for the right person.

For the Professional Chef

Buying knives as gifts for more beginner or stay at home chefs may be easier as they may not have curated a complete knife set. After all most chefs will at least purchase a decent chef’s knife to add to their collection.

So if you have a chef that already has that first knife, why not help expand their collection with a few more knives that have a more specific use in the kitchen?

A Paring Knife

A paring knife is a perfect tool to have in the kitchen for more precise cuts. It is a great gift for the chef who wants more agility from his or her knife that a paring knife can give.

BudgetVictorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Straight Paring Knife, 3.25-inch


The Victorinox brand impresses once more with a well priced multi-purpose paring knife. Receiving almost as many great customer reviews as their chef’s knife it is the perfect knife for more intricate jobs in the kitchen.

The most distinct difference between a paring knife and a chef’s knife is its size. It is actually a paring knife’s smaller size that allows it to be more precise cuts and gives the welder more control.

This Victorinox Paring Knife has a stainless steel blade with a textured handle that prevents slippage even when wet. The increased maneuverability and lightweight handling make it an essential tool for any kitchen and a great gift for any chef.

Mid-rangeDalstrong Paring Knife Gladiator Series, 3.5-inch

Moving up the price range only slightly can bring added benefits to the paring knife you pick. The Dalstrong Paring Knife has razor-sharp quality due to its imported high-carbon German steel.

It also delivers a triple-riveted pakkawood handle with a grip that is comfortable to handle and makes it easy to maneuver when cutting.

High-endMac Knife Professional Paring Knife, 3.25-Inch

The Mac Paring Knife is another Japanese knife that has an exceptionally sharp blade made from high carbon. This allows the blade to keep for a long time. It is also rust-resistant, though not recommended for the dishwasher.

The price for such a small knife may through some, but a serious chef would adore adding this knife to any set they may have. It is the perfect size for peeling and paring with the most high-end precision.

A Boning Knife

Another great knife to give as a gift is a boning knife. These are the perfect tool for de-boning meat with ease and perfect precision.

Budget: Hoffritz Commercial Top Rated German Steel Boning Knife; 6-inch

For a boning knife gift on a budget, this knife is a great find. The Hffritz Boning Knife can debone tough stubborn pieces of meat, fish, or poultry. Its semi-polished, high-carbon German steel is perfectly hardened and tempered which makes it long-lasting.

This boning knife is reliable, durable, and dishwasher safe.

Mid-rangeMercer Culinary Genesis Forged Flexible Boning Knife; 6-inch


The Mercer Boning Knife is another German blade that boasts durable steel with an impressively sharp edge. It can resist rust, corrosion, and discoloration. It also has a taper-ground edge which allows for more stability, easy honing, and an increase in efficiency when de-boning your meat.

This mid-range boning knife would make an excellent addition to any chef’s knife set.

High-endKYOKU Daimyo Series Boning Knife; 7-inch


 It really should come as no surprise that the high-end knife is Japanese. With its Japanese super steel blade with unrivaled edge retention, there really is no better knife you can gift.

The KYOKU Boning Knife is for the chef looking to up his or her meat preparation game. This knife can practically do it all: de-boning, skinning, trimming, filleting, and even butterflying your favorite cut of meat.

If you want to go full in for your gift then this is truly one of the best options you have.

For the Chef That Has All The Knives

Even with all the preparation in the world, you will most likely still find a chef that is perfectly happy with the knife set he or she currently has. Well, what do you do if you can’t buy them a nice shiny new knife? What about the gift of knife accessories?

Chef Sac Knife Edge Guard 10-Piece Set

When it comes to a chef nothing is more important than making sure your knives are well taken care of, so if they already have all the knives they desire why not buy a set of knife guards for those knives.

The Chef Sac knife guards are great for keeping knives safe from any type of outside damage while not in use. They are felt-lined which keeps the blade integrity without dulling it at all. No matter how many times a knife is sheathed in these guards the chef will know that they are protected.

Storage and Transportation

If more organized storage space is something the chef in your life would love as a gift then there are a few options to choose from.

Chef Sac ® Chef Knife Roll Bag

The Chef Sac® Knife Roll Bag is a great addition to any chef’s knife set. Not only is it a great gift that can easily keep all their knives safe, but it also makes it easy to transport them if need be.

The size of the knife roll makes it ideal for both students and professional chefs. A gift that allows them to keep their most essential tool with them in any kitchen is a plus.

The Chef Sac® knife roll is made of durable canvas, yet it is lightweight for easy carry. It can hold nine knives up to 18-inches in length. Easily fitting any of the knives we have mentioned thus far.

Chef Sac ® Chef Knife Sling Bag

If your chef needs more space in a bag with the same quality as the knife roll then the Chef Sac® Knife Sling Bag is another great gift choice. The bag is made of strong ballistic nylon ensuring that wherever the knives may go they will be safe inside this bag.

The Chef Sac® Knife Sling Bag has space for 21 knives and other kitchen tools up to 18-inches in length. This provides much more space for organizational storage of your knives. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap to make transportation to either a culinary school or a restaurant kitchen super easy.

There are many gift options available for the chef in your life. These are just some of the best choices if you are having difficulty deciding what to get. Gifting that perfect knife or knife accessory can bring so much joy to any chef or stay at home cook.

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