Leather Chef Knife Holster

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"Keeping on my tools on me, no more losing knives, swap between tools easily."

Elevate your culinary game! Wear this stylish culinary tool belt wherever you go - at home to the kitchen, demos, and private events.

👨‍🍳 DURABLE KNIFE SCABBARD - Cooking is hard enough without having to worry about where to put your knives! That's why we've designed the Chef Sac Knife Holster. Place your knives with sheaths in this multitool organizer. No more fumbling through drawers or searching for misplaced kitched tools - everything is always within reach. This knife holster belt is made of premium 500D netted sandwich fabric and perfect for any cook who wants comfort and convenience in the kitchen.
👨‍🍳 CONVENIENT MULTITOOL ORGANIZER - Bring the kitchen to your fingertips with Chef Sac! If you're looking for a little more organization, this chef utility knife belt holder has over 7 pockets to store all your essential kitchen tools comfortably and securely. Cook with comfort knowing your precious chef tools are within reach - perfect for culinary mavericks. Plus, the small pockets are ideal for holding plating tools and pens. From prep to presentation, Chef Sac has you covered!
👨‍🍳 ADJUSTABLE TO FIT MOST WAIST SIZES - Never go knife-less in the kitchen again! The Chef Sac Knife Holster has got you covered, with an adjustable buckle strap that fits waists up to 50 inches. Plus, safely and stylishly store your knives while you're on to go with its comfortable strap. So whether you're an experienced gourmet chef or just starting out in the kitchen, the Chef Sac Knife Holster will help make your cooking experience easier & more fun! So put on your apron & get cooking!
👨‍🍳 CLASSY AND PROFESSIONAL CULINARY GEAR - Keep your chef tools at the ready with the Chef Sac Chef Knife Holster - so you can show off your culinary prowess at a moment's notice. Whether you're cooking for one or for an army, this is the perfect tool for any masterchef to stay organized & efficient in the kitchen. Made from top-quality materials, this belt holster is perfect for showing off your culinary skills in style! Why not grab one today and start cooking up some delicious recipe?
👨‍🍳 DESIGNED BY CHEFS FOR CHEFS - A must-have for any chef, this accessory is the perfect way to keep your knife & other tools close at hand while cooking. Whether you're chopping vegetables or mincing herbs, this knife holster will help you work more efficiently in the kitchen. It's also made from durable materials that can withstand even the heaviest loads, so you can rest assured knowing that your knives are safe & sound. B

What's Included: Chef Sac® Chef Tools Holster x 1
NOT Included: Knives, Tools, Equipment, Accessories

Material Type: 500D Netted Sandwich Fabric
Item Dimensions: 15 x 5 x 0.75 inches
Vegan Friendly?: Yes!🌱✌️

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The Features

So you never leave a tool behind

Leather Chef Knife Holster

Like Batman's utility belt, only built for chefs.

The Tech

Because chefs never forget the details

Your Entire Culinary Arsenal in One Bag

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For Chefs By Chefs. Our products are made with authentic chefs in mind! Why? We love food and are passionate about serving chefs, bakers, and culinary mavericks. Our goal is to ensure chefs have proper knife & tool storage without compromising their chef style.

 Superior Craftsmanship from our workshop to your kitchen. Chef Sac products go through multiple iterations before we start the first production. Even then, we continuously make improvements in every production so chefs like yourself get the very best. Our crafts team are experts in bags, textile & kitchen gear. Did you know there are 8 production stages? Yes, we check at every stage.