The Best Knife Accessories

The Best Knife Accessories | Chef Sac

As the proud owner of an impressive set of knives, the next step is providing those knives with an equally impressive assortment of accessories. The best accessories fall under one of the following categories.

  • Sharpeners
  • Bags
  • Sheaths
  • Cleaning Kits

Each of these categories contains essential knife accessories that you can use in order to make sure your knives are being properly utilized. You may decide to get all of them, but the accessories you need can vary depending on the type of knife, whether you will be using your knives indoors or outdoors, and the handiness and price of each accessory.


When it comes to maintenance of your knife the best accessory to have on hand is a reliable sharpener. This will ensure not only the longevity of your knives but prevent any dangerous accidents in the kitchen.

For your knife sharpening needs the two best accessory options are:

  • A whetstone
  • An electronic sharpener
  • A Honing Rod

All have their pros and cons and either will be useful to any chef’s knife collection. It really depends on if you would like to have one or all.

If you have to choose, it is smart to always have a whetstone amongst your knife accessories. Whetstones are the best accessory that will guarantee the sharpness and longevity of your knives. This isn’t to say you can’t use an electric sharpener as well, but if you are only planning on having one, go with the whetstone.

There are a few different options, but the best whetstone is one that has both a course and a smooth side. This will ensure that your knives are sharpened down to a perfect point. While using a whetstone may be intimidating at first it is really an easy accessory to use and will easily become one of best you can buy for your knives.

Why An Electric Sharpener?



While always having a whetstone on hand is preferred, there is also the option of adding an electric knife sharpener to your collection of knife accessories. An electric knife sharpener is used for more quick and easy knife sharpening. A sharpener accessory for the on the go chef if you will.

A dull knife is a dangerous knife and while an electronic knife sharpener won’t give the longest lasting result such as a whetstone, it can prevent having to use a dull knife in a kitchen. Again, there are many options, but for the best results, you’ll want one that has a course and smooth slot to run your blade through, giving you the sharpest result.

The Benefits of a Honing Rod


An important distinction to make is that a honing rod is not a sharpener. It won't replace a whetstone, but instead should be used along with a whetstone. When it comes to sharpening your knives you really only need to set aside time every two months or so. However, it is encouraged for the longevity of your knives that you use a honing rod after every use. 

A honing rod does exactly that, it hones the blade of your knife. It removes microscopic metal bits that will build up on your knife over time. However, unlike sharpening a honing rod will not wear down the blade after use like using a whetstone or even an electronic sharpener will. Most knife sets include a honing rod, but if yours doesn't it is a great accessory to go out and purchase.

You can find a more in-depth comparison of knife sharpening accessories here.


When it comes to chef bags there is no shortage of different styles and materials to choose from. Though there are some that are better than others. For the types of materials, it is usually best to go with a nylon or polyester bag. These tend to be more durable and are surprisingly stain resistant to many of the messes you are likely to encounter in the kitchen.

As for the style of the bag, this can be based on the number of kitchen tools and gadgets you intend to carry as well as your own personal preference. If you are looking for a bag to just carry your knives the more common options include:

  • Knife Roll
  • Messenger Bag
  • Backpack

The Perfect Knife Roll For You

 If a set of knives is all you have then the only bag accessory you will need is a reliable knife roll. Exactly as the name implies, it is material with different sized pouches for each of your knives that rolls into a nice and tidy portable bag.

Even if your heart is set on a knife roll, be sure to do some more research as not all knife rolls are created equal. You’ll want to find one that is the right size, material, and style that fits your needs and will be a compatible accessory for your knives.

The Benefits of a Messenger Bag

Though slightly more roomy than a knife roll, a messenger bag would be a great accessory for not only your knives but other kitchen tools and gadgets you plan on carrying. These tend to come in the more durable materials of nylon and/or polyester making them a solid choice for your bag accessory.

Not only do they contain pockets for your knives, much like a knife roll, but they usually come with an additional pouch or pocket for your kitchen utensils.

Backpack, Bang for Your Buck

Of course, if we are talking about large bags for your knives, none is bigger than a chef’s backpack. Not only will it easily carry your knives and utensils, but it has the space to carry most other accessories you need for your knives.


Again, a chef’s backpack usually comes in nylon or polyester and it tends to be the most durable of the bag accessories you can choose from. The biggest benefit is that you won’t ever have to worry about your knives getting damaged in a chef’s backpack. 

You can find a more in-depth comparison of the different kinds of chef’s bags here.


Sheaths come in a variety of materials ranging from leather, metal, and even plastic. In addition to selecting what kind of material you want for your sheath, it is important to know what size sheath you will need for your knives. To make sure you find the right size, it is always best practice to measure your knives in length and width to match them with the correct sized sheath.

In addition to probably being the most popular material leather is also one of the most comfortable materials to use for your sheath. However, be warned that leather is known to absorb moisture. This can easily transfer to the blade of your knife causing it to rust easily. However, this is easily avoided as long as you don’t store your knives in their sheaths for long periods of time.

If you are looking for a sheath that you can store your knives in, a good material to consider is plastic. This material tends to be safer for both you and your knives. Protecting the integrity of the blade without dulling it.

Cleaning Kits


What makes cleaning kits a good accessory for your knives is being able to prevent rust on the blade before it happens. There are different cleaning kits depending on if you want to use oils, polish, or lubes to keep your blade as rust free as possible.

For best results, you’ll want to apply your cleaning kit on the blade of your knives after every use. Simply wipe down your blade with a damp cloth, then a dry one before applying any oils, polishes, or lubes you prefer.

Doing this regularly will prevent rust, discoloration, and corrosion. It will also ensure that your knives will likely last for years, maybe even longer.

The bottom line is if you have a set of knives these are the types of accessories you should be looking into. The items listed above will not only keep you and your knives safer, but they can also ensure that your knives will last for years to come. 


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