This Leather Knife Roll Will Make You Wanna 86 Your Old Bag | Chef Sac Waxed Canvas Leather Knife Roll

This Leather Knife Roll Will Make You Wanna 86 Your Old Bag | Chef Sac Waxed Canvas Leather Knife Roll | Chef Sac

Look, we get it--separation anxiety is a real thing, and it happens even to the best of us. But at a certain point something new comes along which makes us ask the heartbreaking question: is it time to move on? Well, it just might be. Because the Chef Sac Waxed Canvas Leather Knife Roll might be the last chef knife bag you'll ever need.

Dramatic speeches aside, the Chef Sac Leather Knife Roll is a legit contender for the all-around best chef knife bag in the market. A brilliant mixture of style and substance, the hallmarks of excellence on this product are undeniable.

Why The Chef Sac Leather Knife Roll is a Must-Have

A Design Befitting Starters and Stars

Let's begin with superb aesthetics of this knife roll. It takes less than a second upon sight to know that this bag is of high quality, a vibrant waxed canvas forming its outer surface along with two straps made of genuine leather. The shoulder strap which can be adjusted in length guarantees comfort and easy carry every time. 

For its aesthetic alone, this leather knife roll stands out among the sea of chef bags. Good thing looks isn't the only thing it boasts.

Space For Just About Everything

Go beyond the superficial facet of this leather knife roll and what do you get? A Chef Sac product that's still just as premium in quality. After all, what consumers are ultimately looking for in a chef bag is not what it looks like on the outside, but what it can pack on the inside. 

Luckily, the Waxed Canvas Leather Knife Roll is no lightweight when it comes to storage as well. Even with its compact frame, this leather knife roll contains 13 main slots which can fit an entire standard culinary knife set--even 16" blades. 4 large pockets give you the luxury to bring bigger kitchen tools such as a spatula, honing rod, or sharpening stone. The roll also comes with other pockets for accessories outside the kitchen station, like phone chargers and business cards. Not only will it carry your tools, but it will do so as securely as possible.

Built with a chef's daily grind in mind, this leather knife roll has got you covered as you face your everyday kitchen battles.

Convenience, Wherever It May Be

Yes, this leather knife roll is as heavy-duty as it gets. But don't let the "heavy" part mislead you. If there's anything that the Chef Sac Waxed Canvas Leather Knife Roll can't do, it's weigh you down.

For all the stuff that it carries, this leather knife roll is unbelievably lightweight. Weighing just less than 2.5 lbs, it makes for a perfect travel companion if you're the type of chef who's always on the go. The aforementioned shoulder strap only adds to the ease as it can be adjusted to the user's desired length. 

Inside the kitchen, the convenience that this leather knife roll offers is just as evident. Spread entirely, it only takes a little amount of space on your countertop even with all the tools it lets you have at your disposal. 

A Build That's Made To Last

As mentioned above, this might be the last knife bag you'll ever need.

More than the aesthetic, the storage capacity, and the ease factor, what puts this leather knife roll at the top is its durable construction. The waxed canvas material protects it from staining caused by spillage, but its durability doesn't stop there. Reinforced extra-thick, double-stitching and heavy-duty zippers ensure not only the longevity of the bag, but also the tools that it carries. Wear and tear isn't an issue when you're built to last a lifetime.

Make the smart decision today. Get yourself a Chef Sac Waxed Canvas Leather Knife Roll. 



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