How to Get Started As a Home Chef Career

How to Get Started As a Home Chef Career

Becoming a restaurant or bakery chef is a pretty common thing among variation of chefs. But what about people who love to cook but despise a restaurant's chaotic hustle and bustle? They select jobs like a personal chef and home chef.  

A home chef may sound less glorifying compared to a professional restaurant chef. But, contrary to common beliefs, working in a restaurant-free culture can be rewarding and highly possible.  

Read on to explore the career options of becoming a chef devoid of restaurant culture and get started as a home/private chef.  


Getting the difference between home chef, personal chef, and private chef  


While pondering a private chef career or jobs a personal chef can have, you may get confused between the terms below.  

  • Home chef  
  • Personal chef  
  • Private chef  

The term home chef itself is quite suggestive. It refers to planning and cooking meals in a household, which is different from working in a bakery or restaurant. A private chef involves being employed by a single household on a full-time routine. So, private chefs and home chefs can be considered similar.  

Personal chef involves working for many clients. They can either choose to work in a client kitchen or a commercial setup.  

But, despite the intricate differences, personal, home, and private chefs can be treated as synonymous. All three profiles involve working away from a restaurant and taking clients who want to have your cooked food in a non-restaurant setting.  


How Rare Is Pursuing a Chef Career Away from Restaurants, Cafes, or Pubs?  


Pursuing a career away from restaurants' commercial environments sounds rare compared to finding your way as a restaurant chef. But, in reality, not only does a private chef career exists, but people also find their happy ending as a chef who doesn't work in restaurants.  

Moreover, the personal chef industry is now regarded as one of the hottest business trends. The job profile of personal chefs includes providing highly customized meals. These culinary jobs require autonomy, expertise, and self-dependence.  


Necessary Home Chef Career Information You Need To Know 


Experts at Indeed say you need a culinary school degree as a home/private/personal chef. But you also can pursue professional culinary training courses to gain a competitive edge. However, getting your first gig as a private chef just after school seems impossible and impractical too.  

You need to have real-world experience as a home or personal chef. For gaining culinary experiences, opt for internships and culinary programs.  

Besides, most personal chef jobs need five years of experience before you step into a private setup. To have easy progression, you can start as a restaurant chef and gain enough experience before taking gigs as a private chef. To increase skills, take certified courses to gain full-fledged expertise in cooking customized meals.  

The average annual salary of personal chefs is $76,244. However, locations influence the pay scale of chefs. Like, New York offers a better salary for private chefs than elsewhere in the USA.  

As a home chef, you should take care of non-culinary aspects within the job territory.  

  • Working in private settings implies taking care of your safety.  
  • Stay sober on the job, which means refusing drinks from clients.  
  • But, you should know when you need to join in the fun.  
  • Stay sociable and flexible, but not at the cost of your professionalism.  
  • Get comfortable having direct and frequent conversations with clients, even while cooking.  


Jobs: Personal Chef/Home chef/private chef 


If you are wondering about jobs a personal chef can have, you don't need to worry about limited chances. Having culinary work away from conventional setups never means limited choices.  

Even several companies in the hospitality industry hire personal chefs. Such companies include travel agencies that offer the services of personal chefs on holiday sites. Here, it's important to note these jobs never qualify as home chefs, even though these involve cooking in private or personalized environments.  

As a home chef, you can take work from freelance sites. But, there are many sites where you can enlist yourself as a private chef. Many culinary organizations like Take a Chef have profiles of private chefs, among which clients can select their preferred one. The chefs come to the client's home and cook your meals, and they can be technically called home chefs.  

Being a private chef also involves working for celebrities, business companies, or famous personalities. Adding mentioned clients to your portfolio makes you stand out among your peers.  

You can look into job hunting sites like and Indeed for personal chef career information. For getting a wider comparison of salaries and reviews, take a sneak peek into Glassdoor.  

If you know someone in your network who works for a celebrity, or reputed company, contact them to get brief personal chef career information. But, here, it's important to note many private chefs sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement), so you cannot get gossipy details about their clients or essential details on which food dishes they cook.  


FAQs on home chef/personal chef career information 


Do You Need to Take Professional Courses to have a home Chef Career?  

A professional chef highlights the ultimate goodness of having a versatile experience that even graduates from reputed culinary schools don't have. So, try building up your chef experience.  

If you have real-time experience in handling diverse clients and cooking various dishes, you can get a job as a home chef. But, in the starting phase as a home chef, you can have a hard time finding clients; this is where having a culinary degree comes in handy.  

But, restaurant chefs who later venture out as home chefs already have an impressive portfolio. As a result, these chefs can have a less hard time finding clients.             


Is Becoming A Home Chef Tougher Than Becoming A Restaurant Or Bakery Chef?  

Both profiles of home chefs and restaurant chefs have their ups and downs. What you think is tough can be easy for others. A restaurant profile requires you to know the latest culinary trends.  

On the other hand, working as a home chef requires making meals optimized with the diet restrictions of clients if they have any. For example, if your client is following a keto diet, you need to prepare food following diet rules.  


Final Thoughts on Home Chef Career  


We hope to have resolved your interest in your knowing home/personal/private chef career. The information provided here will help you to get started as a home chef.  

The said chef career thrives on getting yourself acclimatized with specific meal requirements of clients and working in a non-restaurant setting.  

A private chef career can be your calling if you like cooking but prefer to stay away from bustling restaurant scenarios. Enrich your chef portfolio with diverse clients.  

As you may have noticed, the personal chef career involves much more direct contact with the customer, demanding excellent presentation and care. Being in a clean uniform most of the time and having clean and well-maintained utensils show the personal chef's consideration for the customer and the food they are cooking. That's why you can invest in our patriot bundle, which will give you the complete kit to keep your presentation in the kitchen. It includes Breathable Cotton Chef Beanie, Waxed Canvas Chef Apron, Tactical Chef Knife Backpack XL, and Knife Edge Guard 10-Piece Set. So run to the Shop and check out the special price for this bundle. 



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