Types of Culinary Mavericks

If you've taken our quiz and are curious about the different types of Mavericks there are out there, we've broken them down for you! No matter what type of Maverick you are, we're glad to have you in our community. If you haven't taken it yet, take the quiz to find out!

The Urban Maverick

You are part of the community that has helped shift what an inner city chef looks like. You have the flair, the modern techniques, the nitty gritty execution skills but can do more. As a culinary expert and connoisseur of food, it's only a matter a time before you get the recognition you deserve. For now, public transportation is the limousine, a true modern city dweller. To you, being a chef isn't just a job - it's a lifestyle. You're also in rarified air with just 13% of chefs surveyed being Urban Mavericks.
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The Jetsetter Maverick

You're a free spirit that's always on the move. Your ideas spark on the fly and you thrive in fast paced environments, especially in the heat of kitchen service. But! You still know when to zone in and focus when it's needed. You are obsessed with food evolution and understanding cultures which can always be incorporated to new dishes. You're a Mercenary, a Bounty Hunter, you pick your own ingredients, you are James Bond. You're charisma makes you a star in social settings. You're amongst the second highest type of Maverick at 23%.
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The Old School Maverick

Congrats! You are cut from a different cloth. This is the rarest Maverick type, with just 3.6% of those surveyed being Old School Mavericks. You are traditional, technically sound with knowledge of all styles of cooking. Marinated by the hardships of life, the BOH (back of the house) and FOH (front of the house) look up to you. You are authoritative, get things done. But are also wise in guidance like Gandalf. The only thing that keeps you away from the kitchen is your classic car.
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The Boho Maverick

Funny enough, this is the most common Maverick ! Almost 30% of those surveyed are Boho Mavericks. You like to experiment with cuisines; presentation always matters! As a lover of fusion foods, experimenting with gastronomic styles, your repetoire is a melting pot. Your cuisine openness allows you to build authentic relationships, and your circle of friends is as wide-ranging as you are.
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The Assistant Maverick

You aren't directly from the cooking industry but you're always there to push chefs forward and cheer them on culinary conquests. You provide support to chefs and loved ones. Ultimately, you won't say every dish is the best served is best, but you provide true criticism. Behind every Culinary Maverick is an Assistant Maverick.
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The Front Line Maverick

You don’t shy away from challenges; you take them head-on. This hunger makes you bold, but your confidence isn’t faked—it’s built on years of experience, hard work, and lessons learned. As a Front Line Maverick, you have the practical skills and ability to make proactive decisions in the heat of kitchen service. You are a key pillar that bears the weight of the kitchen. 14% of those surveyed come in as a Front Line Maverick.
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