Waxed Canvas Messenger Chef Knife Bag

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"Best chef bag brand on the market. Period."

Experience a professional culinary storage system designed to perfection. Get your kitchen crew jealous with this head turning, minimalist design.

🔪EXTREMELY DURABLE 16oz WAXED CANVAS - Enjoy years of daily with this portable and well-built, solid chef case bag! For maximum durability, Chef Sac® bags are made with high-quality premium industrial grade waxed canvas fabric, using reinforced double stitching for extra protection from tears. Sturdy for any commercial kitchen or private catering.

🔪SECURED, ORGANIZED, & GENEROUS STORAGE SPACE - Compact yet spacious. This knife case has 24+ knife & utensil slots & pockets to securely cradle your precious “culinary babies”! You can now take your essential kitchen arsenal wherever you go! Strap knives, tools, and equipment up to 16” long in the dedicated pockets; pack your laptop, notebook or menu with you, OR your extra tools, carry kitchenware, spices, electronics, business cards plus more in our large compartment!

🔪LIGHTWEIGHT, WATER RESISTANT, & EASY CARRY - We kept it lightweight & added easy-adjustable shoulder sling strap for your ultimate carrying comfort and travel mobility. We know how heavy knives and tools can get. We back our sacs chef! All you need to kick butt in the kitchen in one awesome portable knife carrier and luggage carrying solution!

🔪STYLISH HEAD-TURNER DESIGN - 86 the old and get a new knife bag. Designed for Culinary Mavericks and chefs on the move with superb sense of taste and style! Reinforced extra-thick, double stitching & heavy-duty zippers are built to last through years of kitchen wear & tear. We want to help you make great dishes in the kitchen and make a one-of-a-kind impression when out in the open.

🔪PERFECT FOR PROFESSIONALS & STUDENTS – For the head chef, sous chef, line cook, or the culinary student, this is the ultimate chef bag to carry your money-making tools. Solid build, compact size, spacious and secure storage, modern design—all the value a chef wants. Yes chef! We heard!

What's Included?: Chef Sac® Waxed Canvas Messenger Knife Bag x 1
NOT Included: Knives, Tools, Equipment, Accessories

Material Type: Heavy-Duty 160z Waxed Canvas, Water Repellent
Package Dimensions: 3.94 x 17.83 x 12.87 in
Number of Tool Slots: 20, plus 4 Large Pockets
Vegan Friendly?: No but made with top-grade reclaimed Kanpurian leather

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The Features

So you never leave a tool behind

Waxed Canvas Messenger Chef Knife Bag

Experience a professional culinary storage system designed to perfection. Get your kitchen crew jealous with this head turning, minimalist design.

The Tech

Because chefs never forget the details

Your Entire Culinary Arsenal in One Bag

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For Chefs By Chefs. Our products are made with authentic chefs in mind! Why? We love food and are passionate about serving chefs, bakers, and culinary mavericks. Our goal is to ensure chefs have proper knife & tool storage without compromising their chef style.

 Superior Craftsmanship from our workshop to your kitchen. Chef Sac products go through multiple iterations before we start the first production. Even then, we continuously make improvements in every production so chefs like yourself get the very best. Our crafts team are experts in bags, textile & kitchen gear. Did you know there are 8 production stages? Yes, we check at every stage.